Student Scholarship Program


Scholarship History

In 1926 representatives from the classes of 1923, 1924, 1925 and 1926, along with Principal Roscoe C. Hill, established "The Alumni Scholarship Fund of East High School of Denver, Colorado." After an initial period of activity, the fund became inactive.

In 1995, at the encouragement of East Principal and alum, James E. Tracy, the Alumni Board reactivated the fund and it is now monitored by the East Angel Friends and Alumni Foundation (EAFAF). 


The Scholarship committee of EAFAF awards a variety of scholarships for post high school education. Awards are given to students who have demonstrated academic achievement, participation in school activities and community involvement. The selection committee looks for students who have indicators of future success in their educational endeavors. Scholarships are awarded for need-based, merit-based, specific named scholarships, and one significant historical academic Alumni Scholarship.

Scholarships are announced on a yearly basis in May and are presented to outstanding graduating seniors at the Senior Awards ceremony.  Awards are distributed upon receiving verification of higher education enrollment.  Applications are available at East in March and awards are based on a fully completed application, specific qualifications, recommendations, and a short informal interview with the scholarship committee.

 With dollars from alumni and many other generous contributors, 245 students have received awards as of 2013. Donations to scholarships may be made via this website:  please just indicate Scholarship on the donation page. All donations are tax-deductible. If you would like to set up a specific named scholarship, please contact us and you will be directed to the appropriate person.