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The Foundation partners with King Soopers and Safeway to sell re-loadable gift cards to raise funds for our programs.  We raise 5% of every $5,000 in reloadable dollars each month! The dollars add up and make a huge difference for the school.

Here’s How to Get Your Cards

You purchase the initial grocery gift card from EAFAF for $10 with the Foundation’s information imprinted in the card. After that, you load the card yourself at the register (up to $500) with money from your own credit card or with check or cash.

This is an easy way to help the school. There are NO monthly pickups and the cards are purchased for face value—it’s essentially free cash for East programs. Everyone buys groceries, so it is a win, win situation each time you swipe the card.

Purchase your cards below:


Name Description Price
King Soopers