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East High School

Supporting our historic building and grounds.

Tower Museum

Preserving our past and supporting our alumni.

Offering a Helping Hand

Providing programs for our students.

Dedicated to Success

Preparing our students for the future.

Welcome to the East Angel Friends & Alumni Foundation website.

You’ll notice a few changes to the site as well as the fact we have adopted a new tagline that more accurately describes what the Foundation is all about.

Funding Angel Achievement
and Connecting Angels Everywhere.

So, what does this mean?

We Have One Goal—But Many Initiatives
Made up of parents, alumni, faculty/staff and community members, The Foundation has one goal: continue East High School’s tradition of educational excellence. We do this by supporting students, faculty/staff and Angel alumni through a variety of mission-centric programs.

We Fill the Gap
The Foundation raises funds through private donations, grants and community support to fill the financial gap all quality public schools like East High School face in today’s tough funding environment.

We Seek to Connect
We have a rich heritage of distinguished alumni. Our goals are to connect the vibrant community of East Angle Alumni, facilitate their vital participation in East activities and enhance their overall engagement with the school.

Supporting outreach to alumni, allows the East community to continually benefit from the skills and experience of our alumni base. East High School continues to make a major difference in the lives of alumni and students, and we are dedicated to preserving and enhancing loyalty to this great institution.

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