East High School Tower Museum Offering a Helping Hand Dedicated to Success

East High School

Supporting our historic building and grounds.

Tower Museum

Preserving our past and supporting our alumni.

Offering a Helping Hand

Providing programs for our students.

Dedicated to Success

Preparing our students for the future.


East Today

East High School is always in the news! Our programs, building and students appear in print, and online!



EAFAF provides funding to direct student programs, scholarships, alumni programs and preservation of our building and grounds at East High School. 



EAFAF provides resources to class reunion planners including posting of reunion dates and tours of East during reunions.


Our Successes

East students, faculty and staff are reaching new heights. Read their stories here.



Dear Friend:

Welcome to the East Angel Friends and Alumni Foundation (EAFAF) website.  We are excited to share with you our goals and accomplishments as we support Denver East High School.

EAFAF's goal is to support East in achieving its mission. We work in partnership with the school to:

  • foster community
  • promote student achievement
  • foster alumni relations
  • expand our support base
  • preserve and promote the history of the school
  • support alumni
  • assist in preserving and improving the buildings and grounds
  • raise funds for the benefit of the school community.

The work is done through voluntary contributions and the tremendous support of individuals such as East High alumni, community members, parents, faculty (current and former) and other friends of East High School.

We hope you will take the time to explore the site and learn more about East, its community and EAFAF's continued efforts to support the students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and friends of this amazing public high school.


Sue Clinton
Carol McDermott